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Werewolves Need Love Too!!!
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Amateur art and randomness abound in this 'gallery'.

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Doodle Hoof
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom

Note me, I might be in the mood to do one. And only if you're someone I know.

5 points for a single character drawing. (colour optional; official characters, Transformations, OCs *no alicorns*, ponysonas)

7 points for two characters drawing. (colour optional; same as above.)

Things I will NOT draw:
Vore, scat, incest, bestiality, paedophilia, inflation, macro/micro, sexually explicit situations/content and anything else I've missed.

However, I will draw female nudity and light bondage (collars, leashes, muzzles, bridles, chains and handcuffs)

If you're interested, contact me through notes.

I'm an amateur pony artist and amateur TF artist.
I love to watch cartoons especially classics from the old days like Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry.
I love to watch classic animated movies from Disney, Don Bluth, Ralph Bakshi. All this stuff is what inspired me to start drawing.
I am also a MAJOR daydreamer.
Also a NostalgiaCritic/AVGN/Linkara/Spoony/ToddinTheShadows/Obscurus Lupa/AngryJoe/Cinema Snob fan.
I am an animal lover and I believe in proper animal welfare.
I also support Gay Rights and Gay marriage. Because love is love!
And I am an Atheist...If you have a problem with any of this, please keep it to yourself.
Thanks for reading!


Slow Artist: Stamp by JazzaXOne Word Comments Dont Help by DanSyron:iconchildishplz1::iconchildishplz2:Stamp: Anothe no kids allowed stamp. by CatthylovePegasister Stamp by Mel-RoseyReality by lintu47My online freinds by I-Take-It-BackStar Wars Fanboy Stamp by TheKnightOfTheVoidrandomly weird stamp by sixthkidfromthestarzI love Werewolves :Stamp: by Shelby-is-CrazyI support gay rights by jlu650fan wars by ColliequestI Support Animal Rights Stamp by devildollQuote 10 by GurkmixEnough with hell. by Rocky-VermillionNostalgia Critic stamp by Tartly-SweetStamp. by ShendificatorFurry Tolerance Stamp by CoonfootIt's MY gallery stamp by dazza1008Stamp: Skyrim by I-Forget-To-ForgetBetter in my head by fear-the-brillianceAll fine and dandy, but... by StampedesAnakin Skywalker stamp by ShaigerFandom Stamp by Sheikah-nessgirl gamers stamp by thechaosprojectis not art stamp by shilinGirl star wars fan stamp by evilncutebunni2Watchers Stamp by CurlyHairedDemonAthiest Stamp by KayiaStamp- I heart Animation by Fyuvix: Team : by KarolinaNoumenonVideogames Are NOT Evil stamp by Hentai-SweetieStar Wars Stamp by TheKnightOfTheVoidDA Stamp - Video Games 01 by tppgraphicsAnti Twilight Stamp by sushi1382PS2 Stamp by PixieDust01Call it arrogance... Call it stubbornness... by prosaixXenomorph girls stamp by SheWolfeyBorn Into the Wrong Body - F by StampsByNeekkoIt is Possible... by alaska-is-a-huskyI'm a Werewolf by WearwolfaaGinga Fan Stamp by AshfullReply Comments Stamp by Mirz123Facebook v. deviantArt by SanguineEpitaphThe Spoony Experiment Stamp by AlexORioTard by Gee-X.:: I HEART Wolves - Stamp ::. by KovoWolfI love Star wars Prequel by Iris23it mocks me by ajCorzaWerewolf Princess Stamp by GoldenwolfI Support Rifftrax Stamp by RebelATSProud Twilight hater stamp. by Little-Shad0wImma horrible, horrible person. :c by World-Hero21Twilight is NOT a Saga! by DorianHerestorFeedback stamp by AnnchykaObi-WanxSatine Stamp by Anisoka28boobies stamp by ryuuenxArtist's comments stamp by ShutsumonSpoony Stamp by Little-Red-XOXONotes Stamp by KaishiruTwo Best Friends Play by P0SSUMSSex with animals is wrong by GalaxuYou can do it! by GalaxuI wish I was a werewolf by sugarpoultryGallery Stamp by AnnaethGreenleafBeliefs Stamp by AnnaethGreenleaf

:iconskywalkergirl666::iconkiarafan2:Me & my bestest BFF.

Current Residence: My own insanity.

Favourite genre of music: Film soundtracks (Disney, Don Bluth films)

Favourite style of art: Cartoon, Hand drawn animation

Favourite cartoon character: The Animaniacs, Looney Tunes Characters, Ed from Ed, Edd n Eddy, Raven from Teen Titans.

Personal Quote: Death is blind. It comes for all souls, regardless of their worth (or lack thereof).
Tagged by kiarafan2

1. What makes you feel at peace? 
A: Drawing while listening to music, bird-watching, listening to the rain.

2. What do you do to calm down when stressed?
A: Punch things or go to sleep

3. Are you a nature fan like I am?
A: Of course.

4. What movie scared you?
A: Eight Legged Freaks. I was like, 6 when I first saw it and I was terrified of spiders in movies and games. I was a stupid kid.

5. What do you think of people raising wild animals like tigers or wolves from cubs as pets?
A: I don't really agree with it since they are wild animals and they can turn quite easily. They don't belong in a house or someone's basement/garage or a tiny hamster cage. Plus the ones who are keeping wild animals as pets usually don't have a clue about how to care for them.

6. What music relaxes your mind and soul?
A: Music from video games or movies or TV shows.

  • Mood: Excited
  • Listening to: What I am watching
  • Watching: Terror of MechaGodzilla (Eng Subs)
  • Playing: Robot Unicorn Attack 2 (Ipad)
  • Eating: Biscuits
  • Drinking: Cup of tea

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